Pet Odor Cleaning | Largo, Clearwater, St. Pete, FLĀ DogGirl

At Surface Experts, we realize that not all owners are prepared for the odors their pet can bring into the household. It’s inevitable that a new puppy or kitten will ruin a good carpet or two during the housebreaking process. Before you decide to try removing the odor yourself, realize the many benefits of hiring a professional to do the job. Natural pet odor removal substances may make the odor undetectable to the human nose, but not so to the heightened senses of a puppy.

Since animals have a tendency to use the bathroom where they detect the scent of urine or feces, having a professional deal with the spot prevents the problem from escalating. It’s also possible to employ the wrong scrubbing techniques to your carpet, thus damaging the fibers and working the odor further inwards. If you decide to tackle the removal task yourself, it may take many days of trial and error before you’re satisfied with the result.

petWith our team at Surface Experts, your household will be cleansed of all pet odors in a mere few hours. So next time you’re having trouble deciding whether or not to spend the money seeking professional help, remember that Surface Experts does everything right the first time.