terrazzolargo  Terrazzo is a composite material poured in place or precast. It consists of marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable chips, sprinkled or unsprinkled, and poured with a binder that is cementitious, chemical (such as epoxy or acrylic) or a combination of both. Terrazzo is cured, ground and polished to a smooth surface or otherwise finished to produce a uniformly textured surface. Natural stone is very porous. The best way to prevent stains is to treat the surface with a protective sealer. The sealer fills in the pores and repels spills on the surface, allowing you time to completely wipe it away.

There are three types of binders used to anchor marble chips or other aggregate in a terrazzo floor. One is a Portland Cement product; the second is a Polyacrylic modified Portland Cement which includes an acrylic additive. The third is an Epoxy or Polyester system, often referred to as a resinous thin-set system. Although each system has the role of anchoring the aggregate into the topping, the treatment of each does vary. Terrazzo floors have ease of maintenance, but this does not mean that NO CARE IS REQUIRED. Once you understand the care requirements in the early stages of a new Terrazzo floor, you avoid possible problems, and recognize the economy of care and the aesthetic values of this product.

A terrazzo surface has a minimum 70% density marble chip surface exposure. The marble chips have a low porosity of absorption; thus, the portion of this floor system that needs protection is the Portland Cement binder that has 30% or less surface exposure. This is why terrazzo requires a penetrating type sealer applied to this surface immediately following the final polishing. This helps inhibit the penetration of spilled materials upon initial contact with the terrazzo floor. Spills must be cleaned up immediately in order to prevent stains caused by repeated or long-term exposure. Even standing water can dissolve some sealers. Since it is a penetrating liquid material, it is not expected to produce a high gloss sheen to the floor surface.

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