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Area Rug Cleaning | Largo FL 727-644-5555If you want the job done right, Surface Experts is the company you should call to clean your area rugs. Our conscientious crew have the expertise to restore your rugs to “like new” condition and eliminate the risk you may be taking when you attempt to do it yourself.

Often area rugs are expensive home accessories that have been custom made to add a certain flair and pizzazz to your rooms. In many cases, the materials used to weave and highlight these designs are not meant for harsh treatment. That translates to using methods that are proven to be safe, yet effective in accomplishing the task.

As the owners of this business, we are acutely aware of the “bad things” that can occur when an area rug is not handled correctly. We subject your rug to a complete testing process that will indicate the correct cleaning solvents and safest chemicals to use on your rug. Our goal is to return your investment to you in as good a condition as possible, without leaving spots, fading or other signs of abuse on your rug.

Area rugs are known to lose their shape during the cleaning process, particularly if they are exposed to water and not allowed to dry correctly. Our staff takes painstaking steps to reshape your rug if necessary with a very effective dry stretch process. Surface Experts guarantees that your rug will be returned to you in a “like new” state. That’s what our hands on experience can do for your area rug.

Why take a chance. Our workmanship is unbeatable and our prices reasonable. Thousands of satisfied customers can attest to our excellent work. Call Surface Experts today.