VCT Cleaning in Seminole, FL

We can clean vct flooring for you AND NOT use that nasty stripping chemical that is smelly and slippery.  We clean a lot of VCT floors in Seminole and Largo area for local businesses.  We use a special machine called Square Scrub.  It is designed to pulverize the surface of the vinyl flooring without a […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning Largo…Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce

We believe in being involved in the community that we serve.  Being active in the Chamber for the past two years has created many personal and professional contacts.  All of our contacts are extremely professional and service focused.  How does that help you?  We are not only a reputable floor cleaner, we are also a […] Read more »

Expert Carpet Cleaning Seminole

Anyone can put a sign on their vehicle and call themselves a carpet cleaner. They are a dime a dozen. WE are not in the carpet cleaning business serving people… WE are in the PEOPLE BUSINESS cleaning carpets. That is a HUGE difference. Does your current carpet cleaner do the following? Park their vehicle on […] Read more »