Expert Carpet Cleaning Seminole

Anyone can put a sign on their vehicle and call themselves a carpet cleaner. They are a dime a dozen.

WE are not in the carpet cleaning business serving people… WE are in the PEOPLE BUSINESS cleaning carpets.

That is a HUGE difference. Does your current carpet cleaner do the following?

  1. Park their vehicle on the road in front of your home OR if they do park in your driveway, do they place a tarp under their vehicle just in case their vehicle drips anything from underneath. NOW, our trucks do not leak but there is always a first time. Imagine us doing an excellent job inside cleaning your carpets and then, you walk outside later on and there is a big oil spill on your driveway. Not a good lasting impression.
  2. Use corner guards in your home to protect your walls from our hoses. These guards fit along the corners in your home so when our hoses move throughout your home, the walls are not damaged by our hoses. We will also use them to protect your furnishings as well.
  3. Use high powered blowers to speed dry your carpets? A lot of homeowners must wait anywhere from 6, 12, 24 hours for their carpets to be completely dry. This is a huge inconvenience ESPECIALLY if you have kids, pets, etc. Our blowers can typically dry an average size room in 30 minutes or less. So, in other words, your carpets in your home will be anywhere from 75% – 100% dry before we leave. We will even focus on the rooms that you use the most and dry them longer. So, a family room, kid’s rooms, etc. will get more dry time than let’s say, a guest bedroom.
  4. Use a carpet rake. We rake your carpet once we have cleaned it. This helps lift the nap of the carpet PLUS it removes the wand marks and gives the carpet a more appealing look, cosmetically.
  5. Sweep or hose off the walkway/driveway before we leave to make sure no fresh dirt, leaves, etc will enter your home. We will even do this BEFORE we begin cleaning if there is a lot of build up outside leading up to your home.




We will talk about some of the other features we offer in our next blog posting.