Service Standards for a Carpet Cleaner in Largo. What We Do Before We Arrive…

We believe that great service for a carpet cleaning business in Largo isn’t just about the cleaning of the carpets. Anyone can clean carpets or tile and grout, etc.

At Surface Experts, Inc,, we believe that great service begins when the phone rings. We answer the phone in a professional manner. We will listen to your needs and concerns and then come up with a solution to solve them. We will answer any and all questions that you may have and will never make you feel rushed. Then, we will work with you to schedule a time and date for your carpet cleaning or tile cleaning.

When we schedule your carpet cleaning, we will arrange a ONE HOUR window for our arrival. We DO NOT schedule like some other companies, i.e. a 4 – 5 hour window arrival time. We value your time and your busy schedule. If we feel like we are going to be even 5 minutes late, we will give you a courtesy call and let you know that we are running behind. Being ON TIME is very important to us.

In our last blog, we talked about the details that we use when we arrive at your home. In our next blog, we will talk about what we do once we are finished with cleaning your carpets.