Mattress Cleaning | Largo, Clearwater, St. Pete, FL Bedroom2

Most people clean their homes regularly but don’t even think of cleaning their mattresses. A mattress, with its numerous, thick layers of padding, is hard for the average homeowner to clean and is best left to a professional cleaning service. Surface Experts is your local Florida cleaning service that specializes in floor, rug, upholstery and mattress cleaning. Read on to find out several reasons why you should contact Surface Experts today to schedule an appointment to have all your mattresses professionally cleaned.

Although a mattress is covered most of the time, stains can build up on the surface. Spilled food and drinks, urine and other substances can stain any type of upholstery, including mattresses. The steps necessary to remove a stain depend on the source of the stain. Surface Experts is knowledgeable in removing all types of stains from mattresses and upholstery.

Allergies among both children and adults are on the rise. Dander, dust and dust mites are all potential allergens that tend to build up in a mattress. Regular cleaning by a professional can help cut down on allergy symptoms by removing these highly allergic materials.

Over its life, a mattress can start to smell stale. Pets, cigarette smoke and children’s accidents all leave a mattress smelling unpleasant. Professional cleaning can freshen up a mattress and make the whole room smell great.