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Surface Experts is the professional upholstery cleaning service that you can trust to clean even your most prized pieces of furniture. No job is too large or too small for them to tackle and do well, and your furniture will reap the benefits of the Service Experts’ touch. You inherited your grandmother’s antique sofa, which has been in her closed up home for several years. You treasure this piece, which is a daily reminder of her.

You know not to take the risk of cleaning it on your own and possibly damaging its delicate fabric. Instead, you will be calling Surface Experts to get it clean and to restore it to its former glory. The grand kids are coming for the holidays, and you want your furniture to be dust and allergy free for their visit. Let Surface Experts work their magic, and you can be assured that little Tommy will not sneeze because of allergens living in your couch. Your sister spilled red wine on your new loveseat, and you have tried everything to remove the stain but with no luck. Life happens, but the benefits of professional upholstery cleaning with Surface Experts is they, at least, can make that troubled spot disappear.

Furniture, whether old or new and/or inherited or bought, is an asset, so trust your furniture’s upholstery cleaning and maintenance to a professional team. The above scenarios are just a few of the benefits of professional upholstery cleaning with Surface Experts.